The Nasional Montessori curriculum is characterized by the practical application of self-directed learning through a unique integrated Montessori Method which includes 5 interconnected learning areas in Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Arts. 

Practical Life activities help the child become independent leading to greater self-confidence. The Sensorial exercises help the children to express and classify their sensory experiences. The Sensorial materials focus on visual perception, tactile impressions, auditory sense, olfactory and taste perceptions. Language materials enhance the child’s vocabulary and help him to explore both written and spoken Language. Through Language-based activities, children learn phonetic sounds and how to compose words phonetically. They progress using concrete materials to compose their own written work, read and communicate their own unique thoughts and feelings.

The children learn basic Mathematical concepts using concrete materials in number recognition, counting and sequencing numbers. Abstract Mathematical concepts are also introduced such as the Decimal System and the four Mathematical operations. With the various Cultural Arts activities, a child experiences music, stories, artwork and a lot more things from his community and cultural background. Geography, Zoology, Botany, and Science are included in this area. Through Cultural Arts activities, children develop an awareness and appreciation of the world. 

Regular Classes






1.5 to 1.8 years old

Cozy and warm learning environment specially designed for babies and toddlers to foster mobility and growing independence

Enrichment Classes

Unique opportunities for additional fee introduce your children to experiences beyond their regular curriculum such as Reading Power/Speed Reading, Advance Math, Kiddie Music, Speech and Drama, Taekwondo and Hip Hop Dancing. (Please check with the Branch Coordinator for availability in your branch)

Holiday Classes

Holiday classes featuring fun and educational experiences with varied weekly themes during Christmas and summer breaks.